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I picked up this book because I know the author, and I know she can write so I figured, it was time to check out her published work.Weiterlesen

Mortimer loves tacos. While other dragons prefer to fly around and roast humans with their breath she just loves to sit by the high security closet sipping Mountain Dew and eating tacos. She is quite a weird dragon to be honest. She has two ant farms, a pet rat named Janice, and she loves to read fantasy novels and review them on the internet. None of the books ever got a rating above 2 stars from her because of their ‘stereotypical portrayal’ of dragons. Her words. When she isn’t guarding the closet, reading her books or eating tacos, she loves to watch Sally knit. Ever since Sally joined our little circle, Mortimer has been bugging her to knit her this and that. I think, right at this moment, she is trying to convince Sally how much she’d love to wear red-white-green gloves with the bright blue scarf Sally made her a while ago.Weiterlesen

It is my understanding that Alien Joe is invisible to regular people. Regular as in not-part-of-the-supernatural-scene. You’d be surprised how many people have no understanding whatsoever of what is going on outside of their little world. However, some people are sensitive enough to see what is happening around them. Granted, many of them choose to ignore it, but from time to time it does happen that one of those is walking down the street sipping their latte-to-go and passing by my store at the exact moment when Mortimer farts and Alien Joe has to open all doors and windows to make sure he and I continue breathing and don’t fall to a horrible death by dragon-butt-odor.Weiterlesen

“Superheroes love to save the world but even they need help from time to time. Let’s be honest, most of these guys know how to build robots, climb buildings, and defeat the villain but all of them have a terrible fashion sense and know absolutely nothing about how to repair their capes. That’s where I come in. My name is Felicia Glory and I am the owner of Dress For Stress, your sewing and repair service of all things superhero clothing. Mr Roboto tore your cape? Magnetismo ruined your spandex pants? Just call me and you’ll be back up and fighting evil in style in no time. Weiterlesen

„Zwischen zwei Sternen“ (Wayfarers #2)
Originaltitel: A Closed and Common Orbit
Autorin: Becky Chambers
460 Seiten / Taschenbuch
ISBN: 3596035694
Verlag: Fischer Tor