Es gibt noch keine deutsche Übersetzung, deswegen auch die Rezension nur auf Englisch.

I picked up this book because I know the author, and I know she can write so I figured, it was time to check out her published work.

We follow the story of Yumi Matthews, private investigator and overall pretty bad-ass lady, whose brother Sean has gone missing over 10 years ago. It’s hinted at that Yumi’s had a dark time in her past that involved drugs. I wish we’d learned more about that than just hints because it’s fascinating and would have made Yumi feel more like a fully fleshed-out character. There were supernatural elements but not to the extend I had anticipated. Still just hints. The ending came rather quickly though and left questions unanswered. Alas, I have to agree with a previous review, that the plot felt disjointed at times. Add to that that everything is explained in excruciating detail which slows down the pace unnecessarily.

All in all though I did enjoy the story and am curious to see where it will go. Definitely picking up the next installment because Yumi has a lot of potential and I want so see her character grow. Plus the New Orleans setting is beautiful and Amber does a great job creating the picture in my mind.


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